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All Purpose Stabilizer
Keep pie meringues, whipped cream and coffee cake icing from separating with All Purpose Stabilizer. Stabilizer has an agar-agar base and it's easy to use. Instructions included.
33243 Stabilizer, 8 oz. $2.69

Almond Paste
Almond paste is an essential in many Scandinavian treats. Use almond paste for kransekage, coffee cake, cookies, marzipan, and more. Packed in two convenient sizes. Recipes included.
14680 Almond Paste, 8 oz. can
$ 6.29
23094 Almond Paste, 7 lb.

Baker's Ammonia
Pure powdered ammonium carbonate is the leavening of Grandma's cookies. Now you can use those recipes too. Recipes included.
617138 Baker's Ammonia, 3 oz.
$ 3.49
617150 Baker's Ammonia, 10.75 oz.
60186 Baker's Ammon, 5 lb. Bulk

Butter Cream Icing
Our decorators raved about this time-saving, ready to use icing. Not only does it taste great but it holds up so well you can use it for decorating - no droop, no sag, just crisp, sharp edges. And the smooth, workable consistency takes colors brilliantly and can be flavored easily. One 1 1/2 lb. container will ice a 10 in. layered cake or one 12x18 in. sheet cake.
41238 Butter Cream, White, 1 1/2 lb.
$4.49 pkg.
41246 Butter Cream, White, 4 1/2 lb.
13.39 pkg.
26228 Butter Cream, White, 30 lb.
48.00 pail
41394 Butter Cream, Choc., 1 1/2 lb.
4.49 pkg.
41416 Butter Cream, Choc., 4 1/2 lb.
13.39 pkg.

Candy Centers
The finest quality candy centers ready for rolling, dipping, and filling candies. Buttercream is smooth and light, great rolled to use as a center or as a base for adding nuts, fruits and flavors to create your own centers. Cherry is filled with fruit. Coconut Cream is a fondant base loaded with tender coconut. Maple Nut has a full maple flavor and an abundance of nuts. Peanut Butter a tasty favorite and a must for peanut butter cups. Peppermint is a smooth and creamy refreshing center. Raspberry, Strawberry, and Lemon are filled with fruity flavor and zing.
66958 Buttercream Center,1 lb.
$4.49 pkg.
49816 Cherry Center, 1 lb.
5.79 pkg.
49840 Coconut Cream Center, 1 lb.
4.59 pkg.
32573 Lemon Center, 1 lb.
4.19 pkg.
58955 Maple Nut Center, 1 lb.
5.69 pkg.
59374 Peanut Butter Center, 1 lb.
5.69 pkg.
33863 Peppermint Center, 1 lb.
4.69 pkg.
31119 Raspberry Center, 1 lb.
4.79 pkg.
31151 Strawberry Center, 1 lb.
5.19 pkg.

Candy Coatings

Caramel Bits
Tasty balls of caramel (approx. 1/4 in.) ideal for use in clusters, rocky road, with nuts or alone. They disappear so fast you'll want more than one pound.
641677 Caramel Bits, 1 lb.
$5.25 pkg.

Peter's Caramel
Absolutely unbeatable, this caramel is excellent with apples, nuts, coconut, marshmallow, and crisp rice. Cut it, melt it, roll it, dip it, or layer it; you'll find many ways to use it if someone doesn't eat it first!
94013 Caramel, 1 lb.
$ 4.99
11967 Caramel, 5 lb.
572535 Caramel, 30 lb.


Citric Acid
Add tartness to candies, desserts, and drinks with citric acid crystals.
615798 Citric Acid, 4 oz. $3.45 pkg.

Clearjel (Clearjel-A)
Clearjel is recommended for canning fruit pie fillings at home, but it's also great for creamy custards, sauces, gravies and puddings. Clearjel is acid stable. It is easy to use, has a no starchy taste, a smooth texture, and there is no separation when frozen. Use it to make smooth gravies and sauces too.
83798 Clearjel, 1 lb.
$ 4.50
538159 Clearjel, 5 lb. 20.69

Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter may be added to chocolate for a thinner consistency. Cocoa butter is also called for in some gourmet desserts.
64165 Cocoa Butter, 1 oz. $2.29 pkg.
558206 Cocoa Butter, 1 lb
21.50 lb.

Coconut Dough Center
Our best coconut center, Coconut Dough is chewy and moist and ready for rolling and dipping or combining with other centers such as caramel, whipped chocolate, or almonds.
50830 Coconut Dough Center, 1 lb. $4.19 pkg.

Color Flow Mix
Color flow, the thinned royal icing used for filling in royal icing outlines of drawings, is easy to make correctly with Color Flow Mix. Just add water and powdered sugar to make icing color flow designs. 4 oz. can yields about ten 1 1/2 cup batches. Instructions included.
85294 Color Flow Mix, 4 oz. $7.49 pkg.

Commercial Pan Coating
Cakes and breads won't stick with this brush-on pan coating. No taste to interfere with the flavor of your baked goods.
33855 Pan Coating, 1 lb. $3.99

Confectionery Coatings

Crisp Rice
Crisp, crunchy rice designed to stay crisp in cookies and candy. Great with caramel or chocolate.
30511 Crisp Rice, Medium, 1 lb
$3.05 pkg.
95737 Crisp Rice, Medium, 4 oz.
.99 pkg.

Crystal & Sanding Sugar
This sugar is sweet, sassy and highly decorative. You will use it for sprinkling on cookies or coating ornaments. Sparkling sanding sugar glistens like diamonds. Because of its sparkle, the sanding sugar makes beautiful sugar molded items and may be colored to any shade desired. Sanding sugar is larger than regular granulated, and the crystal sugar is about 1/16".
49549 Fine Sanding Sugar, 4 oz.
$ 1.99
30414 Fine Sanding Sugar, 2 lb.
65439 Coarse Sanding Sugar, 4 oz.
73776 Coarse Sanding Sugar, 16 oz.
45284 Crystal Sugar, 4 oz.
30406 Crystal Sugar, 1 lb.

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Dietetic Special Coating
No reason to suffer through candy-less days just because you can't have sugar! Not when this delicious chocolate or white coating is here for you to mold. Mix with nuts or whatever you are allowed. The white coating has a light vanilla flavor. Special coating must be tempered for molding or dipping. These coatings may be flavored with chocolate flavors. This is not a reduced calorie food.
19941 White Spec. Ctng. 5 lb. $47.95
74330 White Spec. Ctng. 2 1/2 lb. 25.75
19968 Milk Choc. Spec. 5 lb. 46.95
74373 Milk Choc. Spec. 2 1/2 lb. 24.95

Special coatings may contain: Maltitol, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, cocoa processed with alkali, cocoa, partially hydrogenated palm kernel and palm oils, polydextrose, sodium caseinate, butteroil, soy lecithin added as an emulsifier, pure vanilla, natural and artificial flavoring. This product may be useful in your diet on the advice of a physician.

Easy Fond
Our finest dry fondant developed for the candy industry. Use for hand-rolled cream centers, cordials, cast creams, any where fondant might be used. Easy Fond's fine texture helps it to mix faster and feel creamier. Recipes included.
94064 Easy Fond, 8 oz.
$ 1.69 pkg.
50601 Easy Fond, 2.5 lb.
5.89 pkg.
50628 Easy Fond, 5 lb.
10.79 pkg.

Egg White Powder
Powdered egg whites, a necessity for people who make meringues, angel food and icings. Egg white powder does not yellow like raw egg whites and you don't have to find a use for the yolks. Add 1 3/4 tsp. egg white powder to 2 Tbsp. water for one whipped egg white, then use as your recipe specifies. Sodium lauryl sulfate added as a whipping agent. Recipes included.
30430 Egg White Powder, 8 oz.
$ 9.85
24228 Egg White Powder, 28 oz.

Filling, Cake & Coffee Cake Filling
Add a special tangy taste treat to your coffee cakes, cakes and pastries. These 2-lb. bags of filling are ready to be piped directly onto your cakes or pastries. Use in coffee cakes, pastries or between the layers of birthday or wedding cakes. Their tangy fruit taste is a special treat. 2-lb. squeeze bag.
52264 Apricot Filling, 2 lb.
30252 Bavarian Filling, 2 lb.
29947 Lemon Filling, 2 lb.
29912 Raspberry Filling, 2 lb.
29920 Strawberry Filling, 2 lb.


Fondant and Icing Sugar
Superfine powdered sugar, 200 times finer than regular powdered sugar, for the smoothest, creamiest, icings and fondants.
30694 Fond & Icing Sugar, 5 lb. $ 9.99

Fondant Readymix
Easy to use Fondant Readymix makes fondant in minutes. Flavor it and add fruits and nuts to create your own candy creation. Make icings, fondant icing, cream centers, or cordials. Recipes included.
94129 Fondant Readymix, 8 oz.
$ 1.60 pkg.
52205 Fondant Readymix, 2.5 lb.
5.49 pkg.
34193 Fondant Readymix, 5 lb.
10.29 pkg.

Gelatin, Great Lake Unflavored Gelatin
When you need the best gelatin for making gumpaste, gelatins, jelly candies, and marshmallows you'll want this pharmaceutically pure 90% protein gelatin. 225 bloom.
34177 Great Lake, 1 lb.

Gelatin, Sheet Gelatin
The transparent window pane design of sheet gelatin makes it ideal for windows in gingerbread houses, gumpaste, and more. Its also great for gelatins. Package contains twenty 2 1/4 x 9 in sheets.
57177 Sheet Gelatin

General Mills Commercial Cake Mix
For tiered cakes you want a cake that has fine quality, but is firm enough to stand up to tiering. This cake mix is specially formulated for quantity use. It produces a fine textured, light cake without sacrificing firmness that makes it so good for tiered cakes. You'll be delighted with the quality of this cake mix. One box makes 90-100 cupcakes. 5 pounds per box, 6 boxes in a case.
15857 Cake Mix, White, 5 lb.
$ 15.99 box
67156 Cake Mix, White, case/6
89.00 case
77542 Cake Mix, Yellow, 5 lb.
15.99 box
77623 Cake Mix, Yellow, case/6
89.00 case
77631 Cake Mix, Devils Fd., 5 lb.
15.99 box
77658 Cake Mix, Devils Fd., case/6
89.00 case

Gianduja, Callebaut's Hazelnut
Callebaut's sublime chocolate liquor is united with hazelnut praline, cocoa butter and sugar for a spectacular nut taste and silky texture. Ideal for butter creams, mousse or cut and used as a candy center. Must be tempered. Made in Belgium. 1 lb. pkg.
650862 $9.95 1-lb. pkg

Glaze, Pastry Glaze from Switzerland
If you've admired the beautiful glossy finishes on cakes and pastries in fine bakeries, you'll want to try these Swiss glazes. They're easy to use, just melt and pour for beautifully finished cakes, cookies, pastries, and fruit. You'll love these lovely thin glazes on cookies. Dipped, poured, molded or drizzled they're great. No tempering required. 1 lb. pkg.
510815 Dk Chocolate Glaze, 1 lb.
$13.50 pkg
510823 White Glaze, 1 lb.
13.95 pkg

No more sticky hard candies. This glucose is a special type of corn syrup made for the confectionery trade. Use it in hard candies to prevent candies from getting sticky so quickly and in caramels to help them hold their shape better without over-cooking. Recipes included.
52620 Glucose, 2 1/2 lb. $ 3.99 pkg.

Gum Arabic
Edible powdered vegetable gum used as glue or glaze for pastillage and marzipan. If you like edible glitter, brilliantine, you can make your own shades using gum arabic. Gum arabic is the only ingredient in edible glitter.
615800 Gum Arabic, 2.8 oz. $3.25 pkg.

Gum Paste Mix
Just add water for a smooth, pliable, workable gum paste, ready to make flowers, figures, and more. 1-lb. pkg.
73318 Gum Paste Mix $3.19

Gum Tragacanth
A necessary ingredient in many gum paste recipes. Gum tragacanth is a white powdered vegetable gum.
616788 Gum Tragacanth, 1 oz. $8.40 pkg.

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Icing, Red & Black Prepared
Red and black are the hardest colors to mix in icing, but these icings are great. The color bleeding is minimal. The red is bright red and the black is black and you'll love its smooth creamy texture. There is no flavor so flavor to your own taste.
645222 Red Icing, 1 1/2 lb.
$7.19 pkg.
645230 Black Icing, 1 1/2 lb.
9.35 pkg.
Add Invertase to fondants and cordials to help retain moistness and improve creaminess. Instructions included.
615787 Invertase, 2 oz. $3.19 pkg.

An emulsifier, formulated for use in foods: chocolate, candies, dressings, and more. Helps bind ingredients together and prevent separation.
47317 Lecithin, 4 oz. $2.75 pkg.

Macaroon Coconut
Fine, dried coconut for use in candies, cookies, and icings. Recipes included.
94285 Macaroon Coconut, 8 oz.
26166 Macaroon Coconut, 2 lb.

Macaroon Cookie Mix
Make tender, moist macaroons the quick easy way with Macaroon Cookie Mix. Just add water, mix and pipe for six dozen delicious macaroons.
632740 Macaroon Cookie Mix, 2 lb. $10.99

Meringue Powder, Chefmaster
Fine grain meringue powder for use in royal and buttercream icing and meringue pie topping. Directions on resealable jar.
82260 Meringue Powder, 5 oz.
50741 Meringue Powder, 10 oz.

Meringue Powder, Deluxe
Deluxe meringue powder is ideal for royal icing, meringue pie topping, marshmallows and icings. It doesn't yellow like raw egg white. A 1-lb. package contains the equivalent of 7 1/2 dozen eggs yet costs far less. Recipes included. Packaged in resealable jars.
638358 Deluxe Mer. Powder, 8 oz.
$ 5.79
23485 Deluxe Mer. Powder, 1 lb.
39764 Deluxe Mer. Powder, 8 1/2 lb.

Nulomoline is a standardized invert sugar used for making fine grained, smooth candies and icings and moist cookies. Replace corn syrup or 10% of the granulated sugar by weight with Nulomoline. Recipes included.
52361 Nulomoline, 2 1/2 lb. $ 7.19 pkg.

Paramount Crystals
Paramount crystals are a must to help prevent icing break down due to humidity and helps restore coating to a useable condition when it has been damaged by such things as too high heat or moisture. Directions included.
83445 Paramount Crystals, 8 oz.
$2.69 pkg.
91715 Paramount Crystals, 5 lb.
21.95 pkg.

Pearl Sugar
Pearly white grains of sugar add interest to cookies, cakes, and other baked goods! Pearl sugar is specified in many continental recipes as a garnish and trim. 12.5 oz.
54801 Pearl Sugar $5.19 pkg.

Piping Gel, Clear
Add glistening accents to cakes and cookies. Gel is perfect for writing, borders, and adding bright glistening accents to flowers. Sets up firm but won't harden. Piping gel is also used for stabilizing whipping cream, meringue and icings.
635200 Clear Piping Gel, 12 oz.
$ 3.19 pkg.
48127 Clear Piping Gel, 5 lb.
17.99 pkg.

Poppy Seed Filling
The distinctive flavor of poppy seeds is present in many European recipes and now you can recreate those same recipes with our canned poppy seed filling. Vacuum packed cans.
29734 Poppy Seed Filling, 7 1/2 lb. $31.99

Potato Starch
Superior to corn starch or flour for many thickening needs. Makes clearer puddings and gravies. Recipes on box.
46418 Potato Starch, 12 oz. $3.89

Powdered Brown Sugar
Make brown sugar icing for sweet rolls and cakes with powdered brown sugar or sprinkle on pancakes, bananas and strawberries for a taste treat. Easy to use.
62324 Powdered Brown Sugar, 3 lb. $6.95

Praline Paste Dark
A rich dark hazelnut praline paste. Great for flavoring any of your creations: desserts, candies, icings, ice creams. Combine with chocolate to fill truffles and pralines.
513598 Praline Paste Dark, 8 oz. $15.69

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Rolled Fondant, Wilton Ready-To-Use Rolled Fondant
No mixing necessary - ready to roll and shape! Covers cakes with a perfectly smooth iced surface. Easy to shape into beautiful braid or ribbon borders, flowers and decorations. This 24 oz. pkg. covers an 8 in. 2-layer cake plus decorations.
538302 Wilton Fondant, 24 oz. $6.49

Rosette Mix
Easy to use rosette mix produces light, tender rosettes. Just add ginger ale or beer to rosette mix to make 3 1/2 to 4 dozen rosettes. 10 oz. package.
28665 Rosette Mix, 10 oz. $5.99

Royal Icing Mix
Easy to make, hard drying icing for decorations, gingerbread, and flow work. Just add water to produce 2 1/2 cups of royal icing. Directions on package.
72303 Royal Icing Mix, 1 lb. $2.29

If you decorate in humid weather, this product is for you. Add a bit of Setsquick to your buttercream icing to help it keep from running and help it keep its gloss.
49832 Setsquick, 8 oz.
$ 6.49
30120 Setsquick, 1 lb.

Make white buttercream icings with less greasiness. Sweetex is a high-ratio shortening made specifically for icing. Replace your regular shortening with Sweetex for a less greasy icing. You'll find you can add more water, too. Recipes.
73563 Sweetex, 4 lb. $ 15.59

Sweetex, Bulk
617789 Sweetex, 50 lb. Bulk

Summer Coatings

Powdered vanilla! This synthetic vanilla product enables you to flavor candies and icings with absolutely no danger of thinning out. Its pure white color is preferred by bakers everywhere because it does not discolor white icings. About twice as strong as average household vanilla. Van-O-Van has a shelf-life of about 1 year. May turn brown if left uncovered.
28681 Van-O-Van, 4 oz.
$ 3.49
71706 Van-O-Van, 1 lb

Vanilla Bean
Fresh, natural Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans are used to make vanilla sugar and to lend that irresistible vanilla flavor to many foods. Packed in glass to retain flavor.
44040 Vanilla Bean $9.99 pkg/2

Write On Gel
Piping gel in a tube for quick and easy decorating. Each tube has a fine point and holds 1 1/2 ounces.
12866 Black Write On Gel
$1.35 pkg.
13080 Sky Blue Write On Gel
1.35 pkg.
13099 Green Write On Gel
1.35 pkg.
13358 Orange Write On Gel
1.35 pkg.
13390 Pink Write On Gel
1.35 pkg.
13463 Purple Write On Gel
1.35 pkg.
13625 Red Write On Gel
1.35 pkg.
Yellow Write On Gel
1.35 pkg.

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