Cookie Topiary Centerpiece
Tools & Supplies

Candy Clay Recipe
Shortbread Recipe
Petit Cake/Cookie Pan (#586935)
Plastic bowl
Styrofoam cone
Waxed paper

Bake cookies according to recipe and cool completely. Depending on the size tree you are making you may need to make several recipes. Make up a recipe of candy clay following all directions. Color clay as desired by kneading in food coloring. Or make your clay using colored coatings. Make roses and leaves out of colored clay. To save time you could also purchase royal or gum past flowers. Wrap Styrofoam cone in waxed paper. Fold waxed paper under the cone then trim off excess waxed paper so that the bottom rests flat on the table. Place the cone on a piece of parchment.
Fig. 1 Work in a room that is no warmer than 68 degrees F. Dip the bottom of a cookie in melted coating and place it at the base of the cone. (Fig. 1) Continue to dip and place the cookies around the cone. When placing the cookies make sure that coating is touching coating this gives the tree its structure. Every so often dip and place a rose instead of a cookie. When you get to the top of the cone strategically place the cookies so that they fit together nicely. Allow all of the coating to set.
To remove the Styrofoam cone. Gently pick up the tree trying not to crush any flowers. Peal back the wax paper on the bottom of the cone. You may need to chip away coating so that the full base of the cone is exposed. Take a carving fork; stab the Styrofoam, twist and pull. Slide the cone out of the tree. Remove the wax paper by twisting and pulling it out. Set the tree back upright. Attach the leaves with a little melted coating.
Faster Assembly
To make the construction of the tree faster. Generously spread melted coating on the cone
Place the undipped cookies and flowers quickly before the coating sets.

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